Marlboro Country Day Camp

Marlboro Country Day Camp is located on the beautiful 4-acre country site on the prestigious campus of Marlboro Montessori Academy.  MMSC is gearing up for a sensational summer program.  In addition to an on-site, in-ground swimming program, the camp is ready to do some very adventurous and exciting activities.

Marlboro Country Day Summer Camp

Marlboro Montessori Summer Camp in Morganville provides an Aquatic Program  for young swimmers. Once our campers are comfortable in the water, we begin teaching the basics of swimming strokes, while placing a strong emphasis on water safety. As a result, many of our students will progress into more advanced swimming techniques. Fun water activities include diving for treasure, participating in exciting races, and playing aquatic games.

“Splash and Learn” in our outdoor classroom designed specifically for young children.  Campers, ages 2 – 8, enjoy lots of water play in a brand new Splash Park.  Our Learning Scape includes a stage for creative drama, a kids’ play kitchen, an art barn, STEM projects, and lots of opportunities to make memories of a lifetime!  The Kids’ Discovery Zone provides the perfect balance between purposeful and educational activities!






257 Highway 79, Morganville, NJ 07751

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