Student Life

An opportunity to watch your children shine!

Students learn to explore and enjoy peaceful beginnings each day at Marlboro Montessori Academy. The daily activities provide opportunities for students to achieve their highest potential, embrace secure self-esteem, and learn at their pace.

While keeping grounded in the core traditions and teachings of Montessori, the Marlboro Montessori Academy has created many new contributions and enhancements to connect further with the children’s desire to discover and learn.

Daddy, Daughter Sweetheart Dance

Daddy DaughterDanceatMarlboroMontessoriAcademy

Our annual Valentine’s Father Daughter Dance is a highlight for all “Montessori Dads”. Music, dancing, crafts, and treats are enjoyed by all! Dads enjoy this special experience with their daughters. 

Class Shows

Marlboro Montessori Class Shows

Marlboro Montessori Class Performances take students from “Show and Tell” to Public Speaking. Each class presents a performance to parents and friends. A theme centered on the seasons and holidays is captured in a show of singing, poems, and costumes. 

Mommy & Son Night

Mother and Son special Night out

A special evening  in March when the “SON REALLY SHINES.”  A party on the wild side especially designed for the boys at Marlboro Montessori Academy. Amazing creatures always show up for the fun!

Snow Day at Marlboro Montessori Academy

Snow Day at Marlboro Montessori Academy

The children at Marlboro Montessori Academy enjoy the day with snow sledding, hot chocolate and more! What an awesome experience for all students of all ages! This special snow day is a real memory-maker. Check out a few scenes of this spectacular event!

Dr. Seuss Day

Marlboro Montessori Dr. Seuss Day

Fond memories are centered around the famous Dr. Seuss.  A special time for reading stories and creating artwork dedicated to the one we love…DR. SEUSS! Please take a look at our Preschool Dr. Seuss performance.

Pancakes & Pajama Day

Pancakes and PJ Day

P is for Pancake and Pajama Day. The children and staff come to school wearing their pajamas … pancakes are served! Learning the sound of the letter P becomes a very memorable activity.

Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade at Marlboro Montessori
building a scarecrow at Marlboro Montessori Academy

Scarecrows on Parade

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

We begin the birthday celebration with a Montessori birthday walk.   Your child will hold the earth and walk around the sun one time for each year of his or her life. Mom, Dad or relatives can share highlights of that year.  

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