Montessori Concept

Education based on the Montessori method and philosophy of a child’s growth.

Marlboro Montessori Academy offers an education based on the Montessori method and philosophy of a child’s growth. A theory accompanied by specific skill-oriented materials is core to the Montessori philosophy of education.  A hallmark of this world-renowned approach to teaching recognizes that, unlike an adult, a child is in a constant state of physical and mental development. Dr. Montessori believed that the way in which children learn can be modified greatly by their environment; hence, the Montessori prepared environment was introduced 106 years ago. It is still recognized as one of the key components to an authentic Montessori school. We retain the high standards of a Montessori education from Preschool through Kindergarten, Elementary, Summer Camp, and Extended Day Care.


The mind of a very young child has a phenomenal capacity for absorbing experiences, even when they may be unable to express it verbally.  Dr. Montessori believed that “the absorbent mind” is working all the time to bring in information from the outside world. This information is absorbed and will construct and create the “adult to be”.  


Recent research has proven that sensitive periods for specific types of learning are part of the life of every child. As the child goes through these specific stages of development, it is easier to acquire and retain certain knowledge.  Montessori schools take advantage of these windows of opportunities. It is during these time frames that children have an overpowering interest in learning the skills best taught during the sensitive periods of development. 


Maria Montessori believed that moving and learning were inseparable. Children use their entire body and different senses to take in knowledge. Feeling the beads, counters, rods, geometric solids, sandpaper letters and numbers are examples of the multi-sensorial approach.

The Montessori materials address one skill or concept at a time and have a built-in “control of error”. This auto-correcting is obvious and helps to foster self-esteem. Guidance by the teacher or fellow students is always available, if necessary.


Most of the materials in a Montessori school contain multiple levels of challenge. The Golden Bead Materials are an example of teaching all functions of math from the Preschool through Elementary years. Montessori materials are designed to follow the child throughout their education.  Montessori teaching materials stand out from other educational materials in that they have been tested for over a century. Their lab study for effective teaching has been proven successful on all continents of the world. The achievement of the step by step Montessori method and philosophy rings out loud and clear as famous Montessori graduates, such as founders of Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon claim that their early beginnings at Montessori schools allowed them to creatively think…”why not.”

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