Toddler Classroom

Toddler Classroom

The Toddler Classroom is an environment of carefully chosen materials that attracts toddlers to work and concentrate. Each activity addresses a particular theme, skill, or subject that is valuable to his/her development. Freedom and curiosity are encouraged within safe and supportive limits. It is in this program that the naturally curious toddler begins to build the foundations for a lifelong love of learning.

We begin introducing Montessori concepts at this early age. The use of mats with individual activities creates a sense of order. Returning materials to the proper place on the shelves is a long-term goal that is encouraged early in the year. According to our Montessori classroom design, materials are placed on open shelves around the room. As the toddler explores the environment, he/she becomes aware of and interested in the variety of activities. The absorbent mind of each toddler is beginning its job to effortlessly soak in everything in the Montessori prepared environment.

Partaking in activities that they see being used at home is especially intriguing to two year old. Montessori practical life activities for toddlers include water sponging, pouring, scooping, paint stamping, cutting and gluing exercises. Care for one self, such as hanging their own jackets, putting on their socks and shoes, and setting up their own lunch box, are part of their independent destiny.

Knobbed cylinder blocks are attractive to toddlers. Although the knob is for ease of grip, it is also indirectly preparing them for writing activities. The use of the thumb and the index finger helps refine the movements necessary for prewriting and writing activities in the future.

To Be A Toddler Is To Be Curious

Montessori toddlers enjoy learning practical life activities. The indirect goal of these activities is to teach fine motor coordination, concentration, independence, and order. Here is where the basic foundation for future learning begins.

​​We recognize the ups and downs of the "Challenging Twos!" Children in our Montessori Toddler Class love simple crafts, nature walks, music, and theme-related activities. Our goal is to create a harmonious Montessori environment as we nurture the whole child in regard to their social, academic, and physical well-being. Fostering good self-esteem and the spirit of "I can do it myself" is the guiding light to develop concentration and independence with toddlers at the Marlboro Montessori Academy.​​