Lay the Foundation for a Bright Future

Enroll your child in our early childhood education program in Morganville, NJ

As a parent, you want to provide your child with the tools they need to succeed. Investing in their education at an early age is the best way to sharpen their skills and set them up for success.

Marlboro Montessori Academy offers an early childhood education unlike any other. Using Montessori values and exploratory learning, we're able to help them navigate the world around them in a fun way.

Our toddler program starts as early as 12 months. Here, they'll receive their earliest exposure to sensory stimuli and social interaction. As they advance in age and enter the 24-month mark, they'll begin to learn additional skills, like:

  • Developing a routine
  • Using their hands
  • Identifying and expressing their emotions
  • Feeling confident in themselves
Learning while moving is the Montessori way. Your toddler will learn and navigate the world around them through sensory activities, songs, dance and themed activities.

To learn more about our early childhood education program in Morganville, NJ, call now.

Prepare your child for elementary school through our Primary Program

Prepare your child for elementary school through our Primary Program

Kids ages 3 to 6 need space to gain independence, learn self-confidence and develop a love for learning. Our Primary Program strives to do just that while incorporating Montessori values every step of the way.

During this time, we'll introduce your child to the basics of learning, like math, science and language. Since each child learns at a different rate, we strive to create a warm and supportive environment that fosters kind, caring and confident kids. Once they're finished with our Primary Program, they'll be ready to take on kindergarten.

Make your child fall in love with learning at our elementary school

Elementary school sets the tone for how your 5-to-6-year old child views education. Because of this, we go above and beyond to make their experience positive. Each kindergarten class is filled with endless learning opportunities in a fun and energetic environment. A few of those topics include:

  • STEM-based activities
  • Music appreciation
  • Foreign language
  • Culinary skills
  • Cultural diversity
Our elementary school teachers in Morganville, NJ can't wait to meet your little one. Call now to learn more about our enrollment process.