"A Time To Discover"

Studies show that Montessori children transition very well to traditional schools.

Maria Montessori believed that moving and learning were inseparable. Children use their entire bodies and different senses to take in knowledge. With these needs and interests of the 5 to 6 year old in mind, we dedicate our largest classroom to accommodate age specific Montessori materials and high-energy activities for our kindergarten students.​

A continuation of the basic Montessori curriculum provides many learning opportunities as we incorporate an interdisciplinary teaching approach into the kindergarten enriched environment. Science, geography, history, music, art, Spanish, cooking, and cultural diversity are all intertwined through reading, language, and math studies.

We take every opportunity to teach specific skills to each child during their sensitive periods of learning. These sensitive periods are believed to be the perfect windows of opportunity for children to grasp skills and concepts with the greatest interest and ease.

Children in the Marlboro Montessori Kindergarten program experience a sense of community as they develop their independence, concentration, and love of learning. They enjoy freedom of movement and the ability to choose their own purposeful activity in a teacher guided classroom. Our students love to come to Kindergarten!​