Cultural Diversity

Teaches Our Children Cultures And Traditions From Around Our Amazing World.



At Montessori, we integrate interesting information into our core curriculum. This multi-faceted idea of teaching is one of our specialties at Marlboro Montessori. Our students can expect something new, interesting, and challenging to be presented every week.

Activities centered around geography, history, science, art, music, social studies, cultural diversity, and other themes of study, are designed to spark curiosity and invite the children to experience and learn information about other countries.

Geography and the study of the seven continents take students on imaginary journeys to all corners of the world. Incorporating art, music, and food preparation adds further enjoyment as the children learn about the uniqueness of the habitats of people of different regions. The study of "Biomes of the World" teaches each distinct ecological community of plants and animals living together in a particular environment. The integrated study of the Biomes enables children to better understand the cultures and traditions throughout our amazing world.