Jean Avery

Jean Avery

Director of Marlboro Montessori Academy

I would like to be the first to welcome you to the Marlboro Montessori Academy in Morganville, NJ. As one of the pioneer Montessori schools in the area, we have been following the remarkable philosophy of Montessori Education founded by Dr. Maria Montessori since 1978. It seems like only yesterday that I taught my first preschool class. Nearly four decades later, I am still as passionate about teaching young children as I was the first day the school opened. As I walk through the classrooms, I am amazed how the Montessori education still remains the same, even though the times have changed over the years. Our student's desire to learn and experience the hands-on learning materials is remarkable. Montessori school classrooms are simply joyous! This is truly reflected on the faces of our young students as they greet their teachers each day. They all seem to have "it's another great day at Montessori" enthusiasm. Stop by and see for yourself why the Montessori Philosophy of Education is now proven to be extremely successful on all continents of the world.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


1978- Marlboro Montessori Academy opens its doors as a modest store-front classroom where the Wickatunk Post Office is currently located.

1980 - Enrollment doubles and we quickly expand our space. A second store-front classroom is opened where the Headquarters Barber Shop is now located.

1981 - Interest in our innovative learning programs increase enrollment demands. In order to respond to the needs of the community, we expand. Construction begins at our four acre country site across the street. The new facility includes four classrooms, a pool and several outdoor recreational facilities. A toddler, primary, kindergarten, and summer camp program are now available.

1990 - Once again, a need for additional classrooms leads to an expansion project. Our back building is built to accommodate our growing kindergarten and elementary programs. The building holds four classrooms, a full size gymnasium and a children's library.

1994 - Lucent Technology assists in the further enhancement of our library and custom designed shelves and cabinets.

2000 - Our Elementary Program expands to include third grade.

2003 - At 25 years old, our school is still on the "cutting edge'. Our time-proven, wise educational techniques bring us into the new century as one of the most highly regarded schools in our area.

2006 - Marlboro Montessori Academy was awarded United States Patents for Math Boards designed to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Math was made easy with these hands-on Montessori teaching aids.

2007 - Expansion to include a Nature Center on the west side of the campus was completed. Nestled at the foot of the Henry Hudson Trail, the center offers the perfect backdrop to connect to nature.

2008 - A new marquis sign was added to the front lawn.

2009 - Ushering in a new decade of the 21st Century, Marlboro Montessori Academy joins the Twitter and Facebook Social Network.

2010 - A cabana was constructed to accommodate swimmers and outside art for summer campers.

2012 - Children's Theatre Workshop made its debut at the summer camp.

2013 - Marking 35 years celebration, Marlboro Montessori Academy created "A Children's Garden" with raised planters for student gardening.

2014 - The first Elementary Show "Montessori Goes Country" took to the stage at the Marlboro Recreation Center. Bright lights and a large audience created a night like Broadway.

2016 - Summer Camp Expansion. Grand Opening of the one and only Splash Park in Marlboro Township.

2017 - Approaching our 40 year celebration, we are honored to claim the title of a "Pioneer Montessori" School.

2018 - To commemorate 40 Years as Marlboro Montessori Academy, we are offering a scholarship program in our afternoon session. This is our way of giving back to the community for its many years of loyalty and support.

2019- Our first Baby Program was introduced.

We move forward into the future and continue to enjoy contributing to the joy of learning.