"The child is both the hope and a promise to mankind." ~ Maria Montessori


The Marlboro Montessori Academy supports and encourages "The Green Hour" for students. Suggesting year round outdoor activities and experiences has wonderful benefits for the "well-being" of young children. Our Nature Center offers a very tranquil and natural setting for the study of wildlife and botany. All aspects of nature are welcomed by children as they learn about seasons, animals, birds, weather, biomes, habitats, plants, trees, and much more. At Marlboro Montessori, we take our students on a "peaceful journey through the wonders of the world".

Our students feel very connected with nature as they spend time learning about the different trees at the Avery Brookes Farm. The study of Botany has been part of the original Montessori science curriculum founded by Dr. Maria Montessori over a century ago.