Learn the Fun Way

Learn the Fun Way

Enroll your child in our Montessori curriculum in Morganville, NJ

Marlboro Montessori Academy offers a Montessori curriculum for children in the Morganville, NJ area. All courses are developed using the same fundamentals of learning developed by Dr. Maria Montessori over 100 years ago.

Through self-directed activity, sensory exposure and learning through movement, your child will develop a genuine love for learning at an early age.

Learn how the Montessori curriculum can help your child to develop. Call now to speak with one of our staff members in Morganville, NJ.

Give your child the space to flourish

A Montessori education is unlike any other. Your child will learn valuable problem-solving and critical thinking skills in the following areas:

  • Language: Language development is freshest at this age. Through creative movement, music, art and more, we'll help your child express themselves.
  • Reading: Helping your child learn and recognize words at an early age helps make learning to read easier.
  • Language arts: Through music, art, nature and science, we'll help your child understand the beauty of expression.
  • Grammar: By honing in on their fine motor skills early, we're able to help them develop proper penmanship while showing them how to formulate proper sentences.
All learning is done using the five senses. Since movement plays such an integral role in the Montessori education, it's safe to conclude that your child will not be bored.

If you want to give your child in Morganville, NJ a Montessori education, visit our school today.